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by simona on November 2, 2010

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When Toni approached me about doing a set for her to remember her wedding by, she knew exactly what she wanted. Her wedding did not go according to her plans, she was out of the country in what would normally be an exotic location, that happened to be the groom’s country of birth. Meeting lots of family for the first time, not able to communicate, and then having a whole bunch of mishaps including no videographer for the ceremony left Toni feeling down when they returned home. She stumbled across our website later, and decided to “treat herself” and have memories of her special day, her way.

She was absolutely insistent that sterling silver does not look good with her skin tone, and she asked for copper that she loves. We just had a few wedding snapshots from her Facebook page. The colors of her bouquet were earthy – oranges and beiges. We just had a snapshot of her real hair color, a deep mahogany. From there, she gave us free reign to “come up with something”.

Alanna and Gennelle pulled together the pieces – tiny orange bougainvillea petals, tips of fern-like green leaves, a wild yellow daisy for a centerpiece, some more green and patterned coleus leaves. To pull the whole design together, I added green serpentine (a semi precious stone) beads. Serpentine is known as the stone with “earth energy”, and is said to possess healing properties. I hope it helps Toni to reclaim her wedding day as a success in her memories for many decades to come.

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Sarah November 12, 2010 at 10:51 pm

I’m having a wedding very soon with a similar color theme. This necklace set would be so pretty!


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