Our Story

We have been making jewelry out of real flowers, petals, leaves and butterflies for several years. It all started out as a hobby, a natural interest in in flower preservation as a fashion accessory that has grown to take over our family’s lives.

The idea for Flower Wedding Jewelry came from the brides themselves, who would see our flower jewelry either at one of the Southern California art shows we exhibit at, or at our website at www.ThePetalConnection.com.

The conversation would go along the lines of:

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could make earrings and maybe pendants for my bridesmaids that would match my flowers…”

From there, it naturally progressed to:

“Could you make something out of my bouquet? The whole bouquet preservation is so 1980s and I just want little something…”

So, here we are. Working with wedding planners, florists, and with the help of someone in the wedding party we can give the bride something she will truly cherish:

Pendants for her bridesmaids on the big day
A pair of earrings to wear that came from her own bouquet
A thoughtful gift for her new mother in law
A many-petaled necklace set to wear on her first anniversary
We’ve even done commissions on the sly as a gift from the wedding planner or the florist for the bride
Maids of honor can also be sneaky and manage to surprise the bride with a small gift that could not be more personal.
We can make it as simple or as elaborate as the bride wishes.

To accomplish our mission, all we require is a little help from someone “on the inside”. We have to know what flowers will be used in the floral arrangements, to ensure they can be pressed and processed successfully. It is best if we at least speak with the florist, as we both speak the same language. For example – calla lilies, often used in the bridal bouquets cannot be pressed. But, the florist can add a few sprigs of white hydrangea that press beautifully. Generally, we have the florist save some flowers for us, and either ship them to us, or press them for us. Then, someone in the wedding party, or the wedding planner, does the same. (don’t worry, you will receive detailed instructions on this with your order). Once we receive and review the flowers, we will let you know if we are able to complete the order, and you will be able to review what you would like the order to be.

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